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We help high-end courses turn failing students into successes using data-backed processes.

Then get them to generate you more sales.

Go beyond content, calls & support agents with our high-end course audit

Our 4 areas:

Produce more successes with research-backed recommendations

Get specific changes to make your course deliver better results from a qualified teacher.

Create more upsells by helping silent students

Implement a process to help students past roadblocks they tend to keep private.

Generate referral sales with our data-backed strategy

Get referrals from students when they like to give them and how they like to give them.

Reduce refunds with a supportive experience they stay for

Implement a process that gets flagging students to engage back with you at the right time.

"Helping students 'get it' & do what was best for them often felt like a headache..."

Chiggs - Founder

Chiggs - Founder

As a coach and course creator, I always felt a responsibility to get my students the results they wanted.

The trouble was very often they wouldn’t do what they agreed. Even with a committed action plan.

It’s only when I went away and did a ton of research that I found what worked. I uncovered how the best teachers get the most out of all their students – even the quiet ones. And how the most progressive online companies are building loyalty, right now.

From this, I grew out my own processes with my clients.

Now, I share these with the biggest online course creators. Why?

Because even with the best online courses 80% of students don’t reach success.

If you’re a high-end creator looking to lead the way in your niche we should probably talk.

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How To Reduce Losing Sales To Free Downloads, Refunds & Competing Courses

⭕ The top 3 holes with the standard content-weekly call-FB group course model.

⭕ How to setup to generate sales without content and paid ads.

⭕ How to create a process to generate more successful students.

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