What are the Best Meditation Books for Beginners?

Image for the Best Meditation Books for Beginners

Meditation is a broad topic. There are so many books out there that picking one that suits your needs can be tricky. Do you want something scientific? Or something more spiritual? Maybe you are after a gentle introduction to meditation just to see if it resonates with you. This article covers all these bases so you […]

13 Reasons Why People Don’t Meditate & How to Overcome Them

In my blog post today, I want to break down the key reasons why people don’t meditate. I want to ultimately show they are just excuses and how everyone can enjoy practicing meditation every day. To help me write this post, I went and asked a number of my friends and family. None of which, actually […]

Everyone will be Meditating Soon Enough

Image showing a key reason why everyone will be meditating soon enough

A couple of days ago, we explored the number one reason to start meditating. And today, I’m going to argue why everyone will be meditating soon enough. This is certainly a bold claim. And it should probably read everyone will be meditating very soon if they’re at least a little intelligent, value their health and […]

Why bother Meditating? The No 1 Reason to Start

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Why bother meditating? This was the exact question I had to answer before I had the motivation to even try meditation. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a spiritual person. And I’m certainly not religious. But probably like you, I heard that meditation is really good for you. Without ever really knowing why. Once I learnt that […]

Be Your Boss

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In this post, I want to show how to be your boss. Most of us work for ourselves or run our own business. Which is great! We have the freedom to run our lives how we want. But there’s a problem with this… Our attention and feelings can lead us astray. 👀 Attention We live in […]

Happiness is the True Measure of Success

Today I want to explore an interesting topic: how we currently measure success in society. And even though we all know happiness is the true measure of success we don’t really believe it. Think of someone who is not a friend or family member that you look up to. Someone you really admire or would […]

The Pain of Losing Money Regularly

Image showing man dealing with the pain of losing money regularly

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trader, poker player, sports bettor, professional gambler, investor or business owner. You have felt the pain of losing money regularly. But why does it hurt so much to lose money? And why do you deal with it well some days and on others you completely lose your head? I […]