Happiness is the True Measure of Success

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Today I want to explore an interesting topic: how we currently measure success in society. And even though we all know happiness is the true measure of success we don’t really believe it.

Think of someone who is not a friend or family member that you look up to. Someone you really admire or would like to be like. They will typically have two traits:

  • A lot of wealth
  • Be at the top of their field.

For example, when I did this, I immediately thought of Lionel Messi. I admire him because he’s amazing at the sport I love to watch the most. And he earns millions for just kicking around a ball. Which is quite incredible when you sit and think about that for a minute.

We can also easily think of someone that we dislike but is still deemed successful. For example, the first person that comes to my mind is Donald Trump. Whatever, your or my opinion is of the current US president, we cannot honestly deny that he is successful.


Let’s go a level deeper and consider happiness. Naturally, our perception is that happiness and success are tied together. We believe because someone has more money and is better at ‘X’ than us they are happy. But at a logical level, we know this isn’t necessarily true. Because, we know of counter examples.

We can all name a celebrity that has been unhappy and taken their own life. For instance, Avicii, a popular 28-year old DJ, committed suicide recently. When I heard the news, it shocked me, even though I don’t like Avicii’s brand of music. And it probably shocked you too. It’s because we all have a deep belief that if you are rich and are at (or near) the top of what you do you must be happy.

However, this belief is obviously not true. And the problem is, the vast majority of us are chasing a false sense of happiness.

When I went travelling to South America, the happiest people I met were the cleaning ladies in the hostels I stayed in. These ladies on very little pay, cleaning up after messy annoying travellers were incredibly friendly and happy. And I wanted to be like them. Not have their jobs. But have their attitude and brightness for life.

I think we can all think of a friend who has less than us but is incredibly happy almost always. You know, the ones we love to spend time with because they’re cheerful and you always have a great time together.

Happiness is the true measure of success

Deep down we all know this. But we get caught up in our own played out realities. At the end of our lives, we are going to want ONE thing. To know that we lived a happy life.

I created losingstress because I truly believe happiness IS the true measure of success. And what I’m talking about is a pure version of happiness. One that isn’t reliant on your life circumstances. You do NOT need to have ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ to be happy. All you need is the right perspective:

We already have what we need to be happy. Wealwayshave what we need to be happy.

This is the principle that I live by. And I want to share that.

I want to share the incredibly simple things I do every day to create that feeling of happiness. Even when things are going badly. Or I’m feeling very negative.

In the next few posts I’m going to outline exactly what I do. Stay tuned guys. Hope you are all having a great day!