Be Your Boss

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In this post, I want to show how to be your boss. Most of us work for ourselves or run our own business. Which is great! We have the freedom to run our lives how we want. But there’s a problem with this…

Our attention and feelings can lead us astray.

👀 Attention

We live in a world full of distractions. Which means our attention spans are constantly under threat. And the two biggest distractions are our smartphones and the internet.

It’s been estimated, that we spend on average more than 2 hours a day on our smart phones. And that’s increasing all the time.

The obvious and biggest time consumers are:

  1. Social Media
  2. Messenger Apps

Image of smart phone and social media. Life's biggest distraction

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing. A lot of people like to harp on about how technology, the internet and social media is ruining our lives. But the reality is smartphones and the internet have made our lives much easier. We can stay in touch with our friends and family across the world. We can learn about any topic in whatever time and space we want. Hell we can even have a meal delivered to us just by tapping away on our own pocket screens. And none of this was possible just 15 years ago.

OK technology is great. However it is devilishly distracting. Smart phones and the internet suck you in because they provide almost instant gratification. If we’re bored in any way, we are all in the habit of just going on our phones or checking our favourite websites. Its entertainment at your fingers tips.

What if you want to be productive? Really get something done? Then we have to limit this distraction.

📱 How to Limit Distractions

Probably the best thing you can do when you want to work is to go into “airplane mode” i.e. turn off the internet. However, this might not be practical. Most of us have to be readily contactable by certain people like your partner, children or a friend you have plans with later.

I in fact use technology to help me be more productive.

For example, to help me be more focussed when I write, I listen to binaural beats.

Without getting too technical, using certain sound frequencies, binaural beats help tune brain. I simply plug in my headphones and put onthe video down below. I’m listening to it right now whilst I write this.



Now, I just want to have a quick word on multitasking. We all think we can multitask. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or man, the reality is, as human beings, we don’t multitask effectively. So if you have lots of tasks to do, pick one at a time. And execute that one thing only. You will be more effective and actually save yourself time overall.

This is something I have to remind myself constantly as I often try to do things online whilst I play online poker. Which is incredibly stupid as I miss out on key information that I can use to make better decisions.

🤑 Feelings

Whether we like it or not our feelings determine what we do. Because we are our own bosses, if we don’t feel like working, we usually don’t. This can be considered to be the advantage of working for ourselves. We can do what we feel like.

However, sometimes we won’t feel like working even though we really should. For example, right now the weather is great in London. The sun is out and the temperature is a perfect 25 degrees. I would love to just be outside, chill and enjoy the weather. But I know I should write this blog post now, because if I leave it, I won’t do it later.

Image of London bus.

The feeling of not wanting to work occurs very frequently. There will be lots of times I don’t feel like playing poker for some reason or another. But if I don’t play I’ll miss out on a great opportunity to make money. Over the 6 years I’ve been a professional, I must have missed hundreds of hours of working just because I didn’t feel like playing. And since hours put in generally equals money made, I’ve effectively cost myself a lot of money.

Now, If you want to work more effectively you have to start treating yourself as a business. And start seeing yourself as an employee. Someone who doesn’t always want to work when they should. If you employed yourself, how would you be your boss?

What would you say to get your ass into gear?

✌ Two Hacks for Motivation

Image showing hustle on a desk

Self-talk is great but sometimes it just isn’t effective. So I want to give you two amazing hacks I use to get the motivation to work:

1) Watch a motivational video that’s all about hustling. My go-to video is this. It properly lights a fire under me to get s**t done.

2) Think of a friend you know is hustling and putting in a lot of hours working. Message them if you have to, just to see what they’re up to.

The hardest I ever worked was in the final year of my university degree. I really wanted to get first class honours. And I knew I had to put in the hours working for my exams to achieve that. My inspiration at the time was my good friend Tom. Tom put in the craziest hours in the library. He was there, without fail everyday, before me and was always still there when I left. By staying in regular contact with him, his hard-working attitude rubbed off me and it pushed me to put in the hours. And I have to say thanks to using Tom’s work ethic as inspiration, I achieved what I wanted.

💬 Be Your Boss

At the end of the day, if we all put our hands on our hearts we’d all admit we could work more effectively. Yet our level of focus and feelings are variables that often go against us. If you’re meditating you become acutely aware of this. That’s why at losingstress, we advocate getting into the practice of meditating as soon as you can.

🔑 Key Points

  • If you work for yourself, you are your boss. So Be Your Boss!
  • Use binaural beats if you work online to get tuned in and focus on one task.
  • Meditation helps us get a grip of our thoughts and feelings. So we can work more and also more effectively.
  • Leverage motivational friends and videos to get the fire to work more.