Why bother Meditating? The No 1 Reason to Start

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Why bother meditating? This was the exact question I had to answer before I had the motivation to even try meditation.

Now I wouldn’t say I’m a spiritual person. And I’m certainly not religious. But probably like you, I heard that meditation is really good for you. Without ever really knowing why.

Once I learnt that meditation has amazingscientifcally proven benefits I was willing to give it a go. Because if there’s one thing that I believe in, that’s science. And the main benefit that got me to start is:

🧠 Meditation Grows the Brain

Image showing brain. The brain grows from meditation

It’s been scientifically shown that meditation grows the brain. Researchers have found that:

  • Repeated meditation practice has been shown to physically change the structure of the brain.
  • Experienced meditators have larger parts of the brain that deal with attention and sensory input.
  • Meditation helps us delay the aging process.

Dr Sara Lazar, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and meditator for ten years, says she has “definitely experienced beneficial changes. It reduces stress and increases my clarity of thought and my tolerance for staying focused in difficult situations.”

There’s a obviously a key takeaway here. All of our professions are based on decision-making. If you’re a poker player like me, we play a game based on making decisions. If you’re a trader or investor you’re deciding on positions to take. And if you’re a business owner you’re making tens of decisions on how to operate your business everyday.

Meditation is exercise for the brain. By practicing it daily, we’re going to improve our attention and ability to handle stress. So we can make better, more well-informed decisions within our respective professions. And that is ultimately going to lead to us to make more money. And not only that, deal better with losing money regularly. So we can live happier lives overall.

So now when anyone asks you: Why bother meditating? You can provide a well thought out answer. And more importantly, you can have a clear concrete reason to start.

🏁 The Best Way To Get Started

Image showing make things happen. A reminder to use the best beginner's guide to meditation

Go read my beginner’s guide to meditation.

Honestly go read it because it’s the best way to start. And stick to practicing everyday.

It’s a no excuse way to pick up the habit. Getting into meditation is not the easiest thing in the world. And I’ve experimented with lots of different methods before I discovered the best free app.

Insight Timer has been the single greatest reason for how I developed the habit of practicing everyday. Here’s my up-to-date stats from the app.

Screenshot showing my stats from Insight Timer.

I would argue that using the app roughly 2/3 days from the start of the year is pretty good going. And you can see the habit is certainly in full swing over the past few days.

📅 But why bother meditating everyday?

If you were to journal all the activites you did everyday and rank them in order of importance, where would you rank growing your brain?

I actually did this and realised growing my brain was of really high importance to me. Which is why I prioritise practicing meditation every day.