Everyone will be Meditating Soon Enough

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A couple of days ago, we explored the number one reason to start meditating. And today, I’m going to argue why everyone will be meditating soon enough.

This is certainly a bold claim. And it should probably read everyone will be meditating very soon if they’re at least a little intelligent, value their health and desire success in their profession. Assuming they are not already.

💓 Health is a popular topic of interest

There’s no denying that health, fitness and general well-being has seen a massive explosion in popularity over the past few years.

Fifteen years ago the only people that went to the gym were bodybuilders. These days practically everybody goes. And let’s be honest, the main reason anyone does is to look better.

The early gym adopters, before it was popular, saw the benefits before others did. They discovered that exercising in the gym was the most efficient and healthy way to look good. Then as others saw celebrities and their friends going and looking better they also went. Have you noticed how there is a societal pressure to go to the gym now? Those that don’t go, actually feel like they are missing out.

The thing is…

🧠 Meditation isexercise for the brain

Right now meditation is still largely seen as a Buddhist only, spiritual activity. Although it is becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to hear about and realise all the amazing benefits. Which means you can be an early adopter and be ahead of the curve. If you’re a gym-goer imagine if you went 2-5 years before you started. How much more experienced would you be now?

👼 Meditation is still at an early state of adoption

It’s been estimated that currently, less than 15% of people meditate regularly. This is just an estimate as its difficult to get an accurate figure. But various sources show that this percentage is increasing and quite quickly.

If we compare this to the percentage of people who exercise regularly, there is quite a difference. According to this source, roughly 50% of the UK population exercises on a regular basis.

Now I’m not claiming meditation will ever be as popular as physical exercise. However, once meditation becomes more popular and people realise the amazing benefits, everyone will be meditating soon enough.

Don’t believe me?

🔝 The vast majority of successful people meditate already

Image showing Tim Ferris. He interviewed 140 successful people and found 90% meditate daily.

Tim Ferris, author of “The 4 Hour workweek”, interviewed 140 people at the top of their respective fields recently. And found that 90% of them incorporated a mindfulness or meditation practice into their daily routine.

Now that’s very interesting. Since, given that less than 15% of people meditate in general, there’s an obvious gap at the moment. Could this daily meditative practice be a factor in determining success? I’d argue yes.

A huge reason why those at the top of their fields are successful is their mindset. It’s why given two different people with the same life circumstances (two brothers for example), one can go onto being successful and happy and another might not.

It can be strongly argued meditation can help establish a healthy mindset. As it has been proven to grow key functioning parts of the brain related to attention and emotional control. So it’s easy to see why so many successful people make the time to practice regularly.

And that’s the other thing to note here. People at the top of their field are generally incredibly busy people will lots of time demands. If they can find the time to meditate 20 minutes in the morning, I think most of us can too.

⏲️ So let’s get started as everyone will be meditating soon enough

Go check out the best practical beginner’s guide to meditation on the internet. It’s the easiest way to pick up the habit of daily practice. Using the best free meditation app currently avaiable.

I’m really not someone to do things I don’t enjoy. Especailly not for very long. And despite not being spiritual, I can say that I really enjoy meditating daily. You can see my up-to-date stats from the app below.

Image showing personal Insight Timer stats. It's easy to pick up the habit. Everyone will be meditating soon enough