What are some practical mindfulness books for everyday living?

If you have been following me on Instagram you have probably noticed that I’ve got through a fair share of books recently. Over the past few weeks, I have read several more useful ones on meditation, mindfulness and general well-being. These have generally been more applicable than the books mentioned in the previous post I […]

A Beginner’s Journey into Mindfulness

My Mindfulness Journal Here is my mindfulness journal I wrote 3 weeks ago for the MBCT teacher training course with The British Mindfulness Institute. I was a little reluctant to put it online because it’s a bit personal but I think it’s good to be transparent and provide a longer more detailed insight than the […]

What is like to do an MBSR course?

What is an MBSR course? A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, or MBSR, is an 8 week course originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. It is both theoretical and practical, covering topics in meditation, body awareness, neuroscience and psychology. The MBSR Course @lchiggsl decided on The MBSR course I completed, in June to August […]