What is like to do an MBSR course?

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What is an MBSR course?

A Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course, or MBSR, is an 8 week course originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s. It is both theoretical and practical, covering topics in meditation, body awareness, neuroscience and psychology.

The MBSR Course @lchiggsl decided on

The MBSR course I completed, in June to August 2018, was with The British Mindfulness Institute. It’s an 8 week online course, where each week’s material is delivered by email and can be accessed in an online portal.

The learning material is in text and there are weekly audio guided meditation exercises.

Who is the course suitable for?

On the website, The MBSR course from The British Mindfulness Institute is described as being for health and social workers but the scope of the course is certainly not that limited. I would say the course would be beneficial to everybody. There was an experienced yoga practitioner and meditator on my course that still found value from it.

What can you learn?

The key things you learn and gain from the course are:

  1. Scientific evidence that supports the benefits of mindfulness meditation;
  2. Layman explanations of interesting in topics neuroscience;
  3. Several useful models from psychology;
  4. Eight guided meditations.

In short, you learn why developing mindfulness is beneficial. And importantly, gain useful and practical guided meditations that help develop the skill.

How much time does the MBSR take each week?

Reading and consuming the course material each week takes less than 1 hour.

Plus, there are guided meditations to do each day for 6 days/week. The total daily meditation practice amounts to roughly 30 minutes a day.

Overall I’d say it takes between 4-6 hours each week depending on how often you wish to repeat the material.

Is the course worth it?

My honest opinion is that doing an MBSR is certainly worth it. The course with the British Mindfulness Institute in June 2018 cost £179.

I had a snoop around online and this was the best price I found for this type of course. For this reason and that the course creator is listed on the accredited UK mindfulness teacher list I decided that it would be worth it.

Do I still use it?

Personally, I use the loving kindness meditation everyday as part of my morning routine; as well as practicing gratitude by actively thinking of 5 elements in my life I am thankful for. I occasionally use the 3 Minute Mindfulness of Breath meditation if I find myself in a negative mood.

Also, I refer back to the course if I require further scientific information supporting the discoveries I am finding as part of my daily practice.

What benefits have I seen?

  • I have noticed that my ability to practice mindfulness throughout each day has increased;
  • I now have a more structured approach to my daily meditation practice; which I believe is vital to see real benefits;
  • I have been able to get more proficient at directing my attention to where I would like it to be;
  • My interest in the topics covered has grown. So much so that I have read and continue to read more books around the topics of the workings of the human mind, mindfulness and emotions. Further, I have enrolled to take the MBCT teacher training also provided by The British Mindfulness Institute.


I am not connected with The British Mindfulness Institute in any way financially. I am, however, enrolled to take their MBCT teacher training course. This begins in the middle of October 2018. To stay updated with what I discover, follow me on Instagram.