Understanding Sleep – The Main Takeaways from Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep

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Why We Sleep provides an incredibly useful scientific perspective on sleep. It’s written by Matthew Walker, a sleep scientist, researcher and professor. And it’s a comprehensive look into the topic of sleep: The differences in sleep in the animal kingdom The evolution of human sleep The neuroscience and biology of sleep and the functions of […]

Dealing with making mistakes and losing big pots

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When you make mistakes or lose big pots in poker it can sit with you for some time; preventing you from moving on and concentrating on the next hand. Often this even prevents you from enjoying life outside of poker. This episode delves into understanding this situation. And explores some practical solutions to both “knowing” […]

Why Meditation is Great for Poker

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A clear explanation of how meditation positively impacts poker performance and also happiness; A happiness not based on how well poker is going. The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 21 – Why Poker and Meditation go hand-in-hand [00:00] Hey guys, it’s Chiggs. And this is another Losing Stress Podcast. In this episode, I want to talk […]

Is There a Solution to Tilt?

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The understanding of tilt IS the solution to tilt. Here’s why… The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 20 – Understanding Tilt [00:00] Hey guys! It’s Chiggs. It’s another Losing Stress Podcast. And in this episode, we’re going to be talking about understanding tilt. [00:06] So a very poker specific one. Hopefully, if you’re not a poker […]

What is mindfulness or meditation? What is it really?

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With the popularity growing for meditation/mindfulness practice there is a lot of confusion surrounding meditation. And, unfortunately, like the speaker, it can lead someone down a false path. In this episode, we delve into how meditation is both much simpler and much more than a fixed timed practice. [00:00] Hey guys its Chiggs. I’m back […]

The Leftover Experience of Losing In Poker

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Losing stretches and big losing days can sit with you for a long time. They impact sleep, relationships and your enjoyment of life in general. Is there a more effective approach than just “dealing with it”? That’s what is explored in this article and episode of The Losing Stress podcast. Either watch, listen or read […]