An Amazing Opportunity for All Poker Players – When the Money Goes In

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In six and a half minutes discover a wonderful opportunity for all poker players. Possibly the most applicable Losing Stress podcast to date. A look into how meditation /awareness/alertness can be applied in real action.

The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 33 – When the Money Goes In

[00:00] Hey guy! It’s Chiggs. It’s another Losing Stress Podcast.

In this episode, I want to do something a bit different from previous episodes. And deal with the specific situation that all poker players find themselves in (during whilst they play) and where I feel a clear application of awareness can be applied.

The general situation that I have in mind here is the situation where your money goes in or your tournament chips go in and you’re waiting for the result to occur.

[00:34] Now, this is a very interesting period of time actually.

It can only be a few seconds sometimes or perhaps even quicker than this if you’re playing online.

In this period a lot can be revealed about your own psyche and the way your own consciousness works.

[00:52] Because what does happen in this period when the money goes in? What really does occur?

Typically, when the money goes in, there is some form of reaction.

So, first of all, it may be revealed what the opponent has. And then you then perceive whether you are ahead or behind.

And then there is a reaction to this.

If you’re ahead then there is this expectation or anticipation that you’re going to win. Or if you’re behind there is this hope on some level that you do win.

[01:30] And before we go further into this, can you see why, first of all, I have gone ahead and made a podcast about this?

And why I feel like this is incredibly interesting? This situation that all poker players that play regularly find themselves in; why this specific situation is incredibly important to look at?

[01:56] Because in this time interval between the money going on in and the result happening lies an amazing opportunity for all poker players to not let a psychological issue take hold. Or what you may understand better as tilt to manifest.

[02:17] And so let’s see if we can uncover this opportunity that is available here by looking closer at what actually happens when the money goes in.

Now, we’ve already mentioned that when the money goes in there is some reaction to this. And what is this reaction?

[02:35] This reaction when you look at it, is a product of thought or a combination of thoughts.

It is thought essentially:

  • “Ah! He’s got this…I’m behind…I still want to win”
  • “Oh wow! I’m a massive favourite. I’m definitely going to win this”

[02:54] And even if this second thought of, “I’m definitely going to win this” doesn’t come up, when you look at this honestly then you know that this expectation is there somewhere in the mind.

[03:06] And so noting how this reaction is automatic and is a product of thought can a person really do anything about this?

If a person has understood that:

  1. Thinking is incredibly vital and important for making decisions when you’re playing poker. But outside of the decisions, it causes all sorts of psychological issues;
  2. And also the fact that thinking is a limited tool for dealing with psychological issues; which I would assume most people aren’t aware of or do not fully grasp that habitual automatic thinking is the generator for emotional reactions and emotional problems;
  3. And when a person is thinking all the time they’re not able to meet reality and see reality as it actually is. But are in fact perceiving it through a lens; this lens being their own conditioning;

Then this combines with an ability that this person has to end thought without effort,

That is a clear perception of things that doesn’t require time. And that is essentially meditation.

[04:26] And if you’re listening to this not quite meeting or fully grasping what we’re actually getting at here.

It’s important to note that we’re not talking about some conceptual ‘mumbo-jumbo’ thing here.

If a person has looked at this situation of putting the money in and seen it very clearly that there is a reaction to this and seen that if there is any reaction to this, as a clear fact, in thought projecting to wanting a win or expecting a win or any kind of movement in thought when this happens then this will lead to all sorts of issues, all sorts of struggling and suffering essentially, then what occurs?

[05:19] This person must act.

There must be some action that sees this and cuts through this reaction without time.

Because when the money goes in after the decision has been made: the money goes in and the result happens and there isn’t much time to act.

[05:40] And also, as we’ve mentioned before on the Losing Stress Podcast, is that there is a link between time and thought.

Which you can observe by seeing that thought is always taking you out of this moment.

[05:55] What this all leads to, what this whole podcast, if you can see it, is leading to is the urgency and the necessity for playing poker with this full attention. And this alertness.

Because if that is there, if that is completely valued, freedom from the suffering that occurs with the reactions to the results in poker is possible.

[06:26] And on that uplifting note, let’s leave it here.

I’ll be back talking about similar topics related to poker and the mind and meditation, in general.

Take care guys!