The Longevity of Poker

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The longevity of poker is something that often troubles us. What if we could look into why? And what, if anything, we could do about it…

The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 46 – The Longevity of Poker

[00:00] Hey guys, it’s Chiggs. In this episode of The Losing Stress Podcast, we’re going to be exploring the topic of the longevity of poker.

This is an interesting and really valuable topic to look into. Because in the everyday life of a poker player, there is typically this absorption in:

  • ‘the grind’;
  • ‘my results’ and;
  • my path to success.

And so what this podcast, is mainly aiming to do is point the finger towards looking at the longevity of poker. In particular, in the contextual environment that you’re involved in. And to hopefully make clear how important it is to take it seriously.

To really look at the environment that you’re playing in day to day.

And be with the fact that whatever environment it is, it’s a variable environment and that is incredibly easy for the mind unconsciously to not be aware of this.

How do Our Minds deal with Being Involved in Poker?

[01:33] In fact, our minds become attached and work with fixed images of the games as they are now.

And this is not just a concept or idea to grasp. Because many of you reading this will simply take this as pointing out the obvious fact that the poker environment is always changing.

However, can you look at the following question very carefully:

Does knowledge of the fact that the poker environment is always changing, even the one that I’m in prevent the difficulties that go with adjusting to these changes?

Or, in reality, is there typically this confusion?

This confusion for what to do and how to proceed with whatever changes that do occur.

I think right now it’s probably a good time to actually out a bit of context to this and explore a few contextual examples.

Playing MTTs for a Living

[02:38] If you’re reading this you may be involved with playing MTTs.

The MTT environment, is likely the environment that is least in threat, from a profitability perspective, simply because big scores are always going to have an attraction for human beings.

And in particular recreational players. Not to mention a lot of recreational players like to know the maximum that they can lose. And feel more comfortable and happy knowing this before they go ahead and play.

Further to this, a lot of professionals tend to specialize in playing cash games over MTTs because they often have high hourly rates.

And also because psychologically speaking, playing MTTs full time is a greater challenge than playing cash games full time. Because there’s more frequency of having to deal with the stimulus of losing.

[03:53] And so with these main elements considered specialising in MTTs at least in the medium term (a few years) is likely to be a smart and well-thought-out choice. Especially if you consider the numbers at live events like The World Series of Poker currently showing healthy numbers.

And the popularity trend for high roller events increasing; that you could perhaps aim towards reaching.

So far we’ve generally considered MTTs here from a positive perspective and touched upon a few of the elements that are worth mentioning.

But it’s important to go broader and look at the underlying assumptions and foundational factors that have an effect on the health of the MTT environment in general.

The Longevity of MTTs

If you play MTTs for a living then inherently there is a reliance on the wellbeing of Pokerstars. And also the WSOP. And, of course, other platforms and live environments.

[05:09] However, those two tend to be the main two areas where an MTT player aims to profit from. And so even though these two organizations may have been going for many, many years, they’re not invulnerable.

It may be inconceivable to think of the factors that could lead to the decline of The World Series of Poker. But, of course in actuality, many things occur that we didn’t conceive as human beings.

Many organizations that have had hundreds of years of history have had to close down. And rather than go into which variables may topple The WSOP, let’s look at something that is actually useful in the life of a poker player.

Being a Poker Player

What this exploration is unearthing may not be obvious. But it is the danger of psychologically being attached to the identity of being a poker player.

If I’m a poker player involved in the poker environment, is my mind currently unconsciously working with fixed assumptions that are in fact variables?

[06:31] And what is the honest answer that does come up if you do put this to the mind?

And if you look into this you may have an insight into the way our minds work.

Our minds work on assumptions. And these assumptions are believed to be fixed truths quite often, unconsciously. And there is this identification with these fixed “truths”.

However, it’s vital to ask yourself whether truth is a fixed thing?

And practically speaking, what occurs in the precise seeing of this assumption being applied?

We use the word ‘seeing’ here as a direct perception.

How Understanding the Mind is Applicable to Poker

As we’ve gone here now quite deeply, what comes to mind is that we didn’t consider other cases other than the MTT environment.

But it doesn’t matter what other poker environment that you’re in.

Hopefully, it’s clear that what we’ve explored here is applicable. It does not matter if you are playing live cash games in a certain geography that is thriving.

Quite clearly, that geography and that environment is also dynamic and can change too. It can change due to any factors foreseen or unforeseen.

And I think this is a good point now to start to wrap this up.

What we have explored here is the longevity of poker, not from an advice or future predicting approach. At least not fully to that extent. Because what we have arrived at are some important questions to explore.

And if you’re seeing the simple and profound nature of understanding the mind with this investigative approach then The Poker Mind Course is out now (see below).