Breaking Out of The Grind in Poker

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Is there something unconscious with viewing poker as a ‘grind’? Let’s investigate…

The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 47 – Breaking Out of The Grind

[00:00] Hey guys, it’s Chiggs. It’s another Losing Stress Podcast. In this episode, I want to discuss poker as a ‘grind’ and the possibility of breaking out of this mentality.

This should hopefully be beneficial for work in any other industry as well.

Viewing Poker as a Grind

Let’s first begin with looking at the word ‘grind’ or ‘grinding’ as a word in language. What is implied when we view playing poker as grinding poker? What is it that the word grind implies?

It implies that poker is repetitive. And when I am grinding poker, I am doing something repetitive.

Extending this a little further, if anything is viewed as being repetitive, then a feeling of boredom inherently arises.

Poker Becoming Repetitive

If we look at poker very simply, what is repeated in actuality when we play is the process of making a decision. And also the demand of having to make a decision.

[01:23] Whereas the context and the situation of having to make each individual decision is, in fact, always something new. There all no exact replications in context for the decisions that you make in poker.

There’s not always the same players at the table and exactly the same hand with exactly the same action etc. Essentially all of the factors that are involved in making decisions in poker are never exactly the same in actuality.

Boredom in Poker

Whereas quite often in the reality that plays out in the mind is one in which what I’m playing right now, is boring and is repetitive.

The thing is, we’re not conscious of this being an internal filter that’s being applied to what we’re playing.

That there is this false notion that what I’m doing I’ve done before. And this false notion applies to all forms of poker.

And let’s take one example to illustrate this point.

Grinding MTTs on Sunday

[02:26] Suppose you play tournament’s online every Sunday and you play the Sunday Million every Sunday.

And so the act of playing the Sunday Million, that is registering for the tournament and making decisions in the tournament, is of course repeated. However, the various situations that arise in each tournament and in each hand are of course different.

And so what this very simple example is pointing towards is the implications of viewing poker through a mind that is acting automatically. And as such, viewing poker as a grind.

Understanding The Mind and Poker

However, what occurs when there is an awareness of this mechanism at play?

When you immediately and clearly see it for what it is, what occurs?

What occurs to the feeling of boredom when you bring your full attention to the mechanism at play?

And this is something for you to go out there and test; to see the power of clear perception through direct experience.

And be experiencing the intelligence that goes with awareness; not simply being unconscious of the language that’s being used and even being used internally in your head with the word grind or grinding.

Practical Takeaways

[04:02] What we have explored in this episode is that the word ‘grind’ or ‘grinding’ implies repetition.

And this inevitably leads to feelings of boredom.

What we have done is shine the light very directly on this product of the poker environment. How the word ‘grind’ has this influence over the daily experience and the daily life of a poker player.

And then looked into the practicality of looking into and understanding the mind.