Why Advice Doesn’t Take Effect

Living in an internet-driven world we have access to an almost endless supply of free information. Free advice on practically every topic you could want to know about. In this article, we take a look at the very makeup of advice. What it really stems from. It’s advantages. But also why it often doesn’t have […]

Seeing Our Minds Through The Chaos

When we look into the workings of our minds they often seem chaotic and random. Can understanding the deep simplicity underlying chaos theory help shed insight into the way our minds work? You can explore this in the first video episode of The Losing Stress Podcast or by reading below: Seeing The Mind Through Chaos […]

Playing vs Studying – How do you really decide what to do?

Every day you decide how to invest your time in poker. In this article, we look at whether you’re really making the best possible decision between the two main activities when working in poker:  Playing and; Studying.  Is there something very simple and practical you can do rather than just act through unconscious habit? The Losing Stress […]