Why Advice Doesn’t Take Effect

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Living in an internet-driven world we have access to an almost endless supply of free information.

Free advice on practically every topic you could want to know about.

In this article, we take a look at the very makeup of advice. What it really stems from. It’s advantages. But also why it often doesn’t have the lasting effect you desire.

Give it a listen or a read below:

Mindset Advice: It’s Uses & Misuses – The Losing Stress Podcast Ep 55

Because advice has an effect on all aspects of human life it’s vital to look into its nature very clearly. And get directly to the point…

There’s a feature of advice that many of us have never looked into.

And even if we have we forget to pay attention to.

That is, the advice a person provides is nearly always what their personality finds easy to be driven to do.

Observed In Human Interaction

To drive this point home, it’s best described in an example.

Let’s take Person A and Person B.

Each has a different dominant personality type. And they both play poker.

Person A says to Person B,

“Hey, you don’t grind enough. You just need to play more hours and then you’ll see the results.”

Whereas Person B says to Person A,

“I can see that you worry a lot about your bankroll even though you really don’t need to because you’re actually quite comfortable. And I can also see that you don’t tend to have much fun when you’re actually playing.”

From an interaction like this, if you look a little under the surface you can decipher what drives these two different personality types.

Person A is naturally driven through their personality to work hard for their future.

Whereas Person B is naturally driven by their personality to seek and have fun.

And so whilst this is just one example, you can start to see how this can be applied in many other scenarios.

That looking at the type of advice a person gives is a hint to their underlying personality mechanisms.

The content/makeup of advice offers a window into a human being’s personality drivers.

The Limitations Of Advice

There’s also an important point to be made here with why human beings, in general, on one hand, seek advice and on the other do not really like what they hear.

We often don’t like what we hear because what we hear usually does not fall in line with what we’re driven to do.

Going back to the example, we can see that Person B being told to work harder doesn’t fall in line with their inner driver to go ahead and have fun.

Whereas for Person A, ‘lightening up’ doesn’t make any sense because it doesn’t fall in with their driver for a more secure future. And to be working towards that.

So what this points to very clearly: is why actually advice doesn’t often lead to action.

Because it doesn’t tend to match the other person’s personality.

The Advantage Of Advice

Now, there’s an important point we also have to make here:

We are not saying advice is completely useless.

Because often you find that the advice that is given is, in fact, a good solution to the situation.

And it can point out factors and activities that you may not have considered doing.

Although very often, advice points out things that you have already been aware of on some level. But you haven’t been able to carry out due to certain personality factors.

And I think from this we can get into what really inspired the writing of this article.

Idolisation In The Poker World

‘Mindset’ advice is a popular topic now in the poker world.

If you look at what is popular on the internet and talk to people in the poker world you find that they are continually seeking advice (particularly mindset advice) from certain ‘idols’.

Now, this is a rather blunt way of putting this. So it’s important to point out this isn’t meant as an attack. But simply a ‘general’ pointing out of observable human behaviour.

Having spoken now to players all around the world there’s something incredibly important that most players are paying little attention to.

If you ever look into what’s really going on when you are seeking advice you find that you’re not bearing in mind that the advice that is being given is directly built from the situation that the person is in.

And it’s precisely what works well for the personality type for the advisor.

There is an acceptance on some level of the mind of the advice. And both your own personality and life-situation are often neglected or paid little attention to.

Not Ignoring The Fact

When you directly see all this as a fact you start to see the importance of really understanding yourself.

And getting to what drives your personality.

Because it’s vital to how you go about operating in poker.

So how you actually go about playing poker, how you actually go about learning poker off the tables as well as how you go about dealing with results.

Quite simply, if you could start to take actions in each of these areas, with the knowledge of your personality drivers in mind you’ll find that you can operate in poker in a way that is far ‘smoother’ and more effective.

Where you find that you’re happier working in the unique and complex environment of poker.

Self-Awareness Is Not A Fixed Quality

Now, I think it’s worth mentioning that most of us tend to feel that we know ourselves pretty well but the actual evidence of our reactions to stress/tilt and our feelings of loneliness, feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment etc. point to the reality.

So it’s worth knowing we tend to delude ourselves.

And so it does beg the question,

Is There Something That You Can Do That Does Help?

One of the available tools we have now as human beings are personality tests.

Which you may or not have used in the past. And, in any case, in all likelihood have some opinion on.

Some of us are quite open to them. And interested in finding out more about ourselves.

Whereas for some there is a reluctance to be ‘pigeon-holed’ or ‘typecast’.

And you can understand both points of view.

At the same time, you cannot ignore the fact that, in general, human beings are not very objective about themselves.

The mind operating ‘normally’ does not see its own mechanisms.

So personality tests are something I’ve been looking into. And if you have ever looked into this, you’ll find that there are tens of different types of tests.

What I’ve been looking to find is a personality test that is actually valuable for people in poker.

And after a bit of experimenting with trying quite a few, I’ve found that there is one that is incredibly revealing and also highly ‘accurate’.

One that reveals the mechanisms behind your unconscious tendencies when you operate in poker.

So how you deal with results, how you like to learn, how you play, deal with mistakes etc.

It’s a test that isn’t designed to ‘put you in a box’. But instead looks to point out tendencies and hidden drivers to pay attention to.

So most importantly is more than just a one-dimensional test in which you get your personality type and then go away, eventually forget and never really use.

Your Free Opportunity

If you’re genuinely interested in discovering more about yourself then I’m offering a free opportunity to unearth what really goes on under the hood.

But it’s important we do this in a way that is accurate.

Because, unfortunately, it’s very easy to ‘misdiagnose’ your dominant personality type and then be left with something that doesn’t hit the mark and help you.

But also get the information and not really know how to put into action specifically for poker.

That’s why the free opportunity involves having a chat so we get to what specifically applies to you.

All you have to do is book a chat in my calendar at a convenient time.

I’ll then send you the instructions about the test. As well as the questions that take 45 minutes-1 hour to fill out. Which you then send back to me.

Then on the call, we make sure we accurately pinpoint your dominant personality tendencies. And most importantly we get into how you can go about really applying this in poker.

A Word of Warning

Please do bear in mind that this has taken a lot of time to adapt and construct.

And that I’m going to be using and freeing up my own time to help you for free.

So if you have followed this and you can see the importance of really getting to the root of your personality & breaking out of circling in needing advice do go ahead and book your free chat so we can get to what precisely works for you.

In any case, take care!