Following Idols In And Out Of Poker

In the latest episode of The Losing Stress Podcast, we look very simply at what following someone you respect entails exactly. Does it limit you in unacknowledged ways? Listen below. After Listening Take a look at the opportunity mentioned here.

Why Do Guided Meditations Lose Effect?

Investigate this with someone who has taken a course with The British Mindfulness for guiding meditations. A vital question to go into if you’ve been exploring meditation via apps and recordings. Listen or watch below:

Staying Sane During SCOOP

It’s just turned May, which means its SCOOP time – a big time of the year for most poker players. Normally this is an intense period as you try to manage playing as much as possible. Combining this with lockdowns going on around the world, the topic of staying sane during SCOOP is well worth […]