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Hi I’m Chiggs! Here’s a little about me…

For six years, I was a Professional Poker Player living and playing in the casinos of London and various parts of the world including Monte Carlo, Prague and Las Vegas.

I started playing with friends in school when I was 18. But it wasn’t until I left university and moved to London that I started to take poker seriously. A friend of mine told me how he made a living playing cash games in casinos. And from the £1/£2 NL games in Leicester Square I moved up to play the highest stakes PLO games that ran in London.

If you want to hear more about my story as a poker player, check out my podcast here.

If you’re in poker you’ll know it’s a crazy environment to exist in. Having to deal with things not going your way, making high-pressure decisions, dealing with shady people, everyone getting better etc.   

Your mind has to cope with a lot.

So I wanted to look into how the human mind works. I took courses with The British Mindfulness Institute, read tens of books and most importantly, looked deeply into the nature of consciousness and the mechanisms of the mind.

And as I explored and experimented, it started to dawn on me there was no perfect activity (or combination even) that could completely deal with living in poker.

You could, for example, do an extensive meditation practice for an hour every morning and still be strongly affected by making mistakes or results not going your way.

But rather than give up, I, went deeper – to directly understand certain ‘enlightened’/wise figures.

The more I explored the more it became apparent how little is known let alone understood about the human mind by practically everyone that I encountered. And how incredibly vital it was to share and put across this understanding in a way that is clear and applicable.

So over the past year I’ve been refining a program to deliver consistent change for poker players. I call it Edge Expansion. It’s specifically designed to help you work better with what you can control – time, money and your mind.

Right now, I’m offering a unique opportunity where if you’re an established player you can sample the program for free. We can have a call together where you can identify your genetic mind-type.  

Yes, the way our minds work is different and genetic. And it influences practically everything you do in poker. When you understand your patterns and what to do about them it transforms the way you work. For the better. 

Click here to find out your type.